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28.12.2018 · 09:19

Partizan NIS in Stožice tomorrow

On December 29, at 5 PM, the black and whites are playing a game in the 13th round of the ABA League, against Petrol Olimpija, in Ljubljana.

The black and whites are playing their last game of 2018 in Ljubljana! The 13th round ABA League game between Petrol Olimpija and Partizan NIS is scheduled for Saturday, December 29, at 5 PM. The first game of tomorrow's rivals this season was played in Aleksandar Nikolić Hall, and the black and whites triumphed with the score 82:79.

Before tomorrow's game, Partizan NIS' coach, Andrea Trinchieri. said:

"After the game against Cedevita, we had seven days to work and do everything to look better and play better tomorrow. I believe it will be like that. Olimpija have good and experienced players, who are capable of causing a lot of problems for us, so we have to be completely focused during the entire game. We have to be aggressive and smart tomorrow", said Trinchieri.

The black and whites' captain, Novica Veličković, stressed the importance of the game for both teams:

"The league is like that this year, that for the majority of teams every game is basically deciding. Olimpija need to win, so I expect an open, fighting and very hard game. We know what our goal is, and we know how much we have to sweat to reach it. Tomorrow is the first step", Veličković pointed out.

(Photo: Dragana Stjepanović)