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22.12.2018 · 21:05

Defeat against Cedevita ends the black and whites' series

In the 12th round of the ABA League, the black and whites lost at home from the Croatian champion, with the score 71:76 (18:17, 12:25, 24:18, 17:16).

The black and whites ended a series of wins. In the 12th round of the ABA League, Partizan NIS lost from Cedevita in Aleksandar Nikolić Hall, even though they won 3 out of the 4 quarters. The team from Zagreb gained an advantage in the second quarter, which Partizan NIS' players couldn't catch up with until the end of the game. 

The black and whites came to -1 several times and had possession for a turnaround, but the guests managed to find an answer to Partizan's attempts and win.

At the press conference after the game, Partizan NIS' coach, Andrea Trinchieri, said:

"Nobody listened to me. I said the game would be like this. I am not a 'matchstick man', I know, and I am angry, furious. Why did we lose? We missed everything. We didn't have a bad day, we simply weren't ready to play. We weren't mentally prepared, this is just a matter of focus. We played a catastrophic game, we could have played for 10 days, and we wouldn't have won. I just hoped that the players would listen to me. To have one bad quarter, and then to get ourselves together... We didn't play defense, any defense in the first and second quarters. After that, it was a bit better, but our focus was not as it should have been, you have to score. We played like headless chickens, such a naive, superficial game. What now? Will I kill them? Didn't I tell you that the evolution of a team is never linear? I expected a tough and a bad game, but I hoped that we would somehow grab a win", Trinchieri pointed out.

Next Saturday, Partizan NIS will be guests in Ljubljana, where they will play in the 13th round of the regional championship, against Petrol Olimpija.

Partizan NIS

Paige 14, Sy 8, Marinković 11, Gegić, Veličković 12, Pecarski, Zagorac 10, Janković, Landale 12, Gagić 4, Nikolić


 Pullen 19, Cobbs 13, Krušlin 10, Katić, Bajo, Stipanović 12, Bošnjak, Cook 7, Ramljak 2, Mustapić, Murić 13

(Photo: Dragana Stjepanović / Miroslav Todorović)