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15.12.2018 · 23:49

Steamroller defeated FMP

In the eleventh round of the ABA League, the black and whites outplayed the team from Železnik at home, with the score 83:77 (17:22, 26:20, 25:20, 15:15).

The black and whites documented another victory in the regional ABA League. In the eleventh round, Partizan NIS defeated FMP with the score 83:77, announcing in the best way possible the 7DAYS EuroCup game against Turk Telekom, which is scheduled for next Wednesday. Guests from Železnik shot accurately outside the 6.75 line, which gave them a starting advantage, but until the end of the first quarter, the black and whites managed to reduce that advantage to 17:22.

In the second quarter, FMP resisted Partizan's offenses, but the black and whites managed to reach a turnaround and go to the 15-minute break with +1. In the second half, the players of Partizan NIS increased their advantage several times, but the guests succeeded in keeping close. However, the black and whites had control over the game, and kept their advantage until the end, deservedly documenting an important victory.

During the press conference after the game, Partizan NIS' coach, Andrea Trinchieri, said:

"I didn't expect anything but a game like this. There wasn't good basketball. We had three tough games in a row. But, a month ago, we would have lost this one. FMP played decently. We had big rotation, 10 players who played over 10 minutes each, so we found a way to win like that. It's hard to be spread out, when you know that you have to push on the tall players, close to the hoop if you want to win. And when you miss open shots, the court becomes incredibly small", Partizan NIS' coach pointed out, adding:

"I am satisfied that we found a way to win in a game as tough as this, especially because we have a big game in the EuroCup. I know that Saint Nicholas is on Wednesday, and I am sure that he would like for Pionir to be full, even though he still hasn't called me", said Trinchieri, making the present representatives of the media laugh.

After the first half of the regional championship, the black and whites have 6 victories and 5 defeats, and on Wednesday, they have a game which will determine their promotion to the Top 16 phase of the 7DAYS EuroCup, against Turk Telekom.

Partizan NIS

Paige 8, Sy 9, Marinković 8, Gegić 5, Veličković 6, Pecarski, Gavrilović, Zagorac 10, Janković 2, Landale 16, Gagić 16, Nikolić 3


Rebec 17, Reath 2, Paunović 7, Uskoković, Jeremić 10, Momirov, Pot 10, Radovanović 10, Šešlija 2, Nikolić, Marzette 6, Đorđević 13

(Photo: Dragana Stjepanović, video: ABA League / Partizan NIS)