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07.12.2018 · 09:03

ABA League continues: the black and whites in Laktaši tomorrow

The game between Igokea and Partizan NIS is scheduled for tomorrow, December 8, at 5 PM (live on Arena Sport TV).

After the break because of the qualifying games for the World Championship, the regional championship continues. In the tenth round of the ABA League, the black and whites are playing against Igokea on Saturday, in Laktaši, and the game starts at 5 PM (live on Arena Sport TV). Before tomorrow's game, both teams have the same score in the regional league (4-5), in which they met 15 times so far, with 9 victories for Partizan.

Before setting off, the black and whites coach, Andrea Trinchieri said:

"We have a very tricky opponent ahead of us, a talented team that has scored over 100 per game lately. They brought several experienced players as reinforcement, they are dangerous from outside as well as inside positions, but we have to focus on ourselves and use our strengths to achieve the result we want against an opponent like that. It will be a tough game, with a lot of struggle, and in order to play like we want to, we have to invest all the energy we have at every moment", Partizan NIS' coach pointed out.

Captain and the most experienced player of the black and whites, Novica Veličković, believes in victory.

"Every game in the ABA League is crucial for us. Igokea reinforced well, they improved their shape, and they want to continue in that rhythm after the break. On the other hand, we have to be both tough and smart, in order to get the game in the rhythm we want to, and come back to Belgrade with a win. The support from the stands in Laktaši has always given us extra strength, and I believe that, because of the importance of the game, the number of our fans tomorrow will be even greater", stressed Veličkovič.

(Photo: Dragana Stjepanović / Sandić Foto)