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23.11.2018 · 13:28

Everything is ready for the first derby of the season

On Saturday, 24.11., Partizan NIS is welcoming Crvena zvezda MTS. The game in Aleksandar Nikolić Hall is scheduled for 5 PM. There are no single game tickets for this game.

​For the first time in the 2018/19 season, Partizan NIS are playing against Crvena zvezda MTS. The "eternal derby" is scheduled for Saturday, November 24, at 5 PM, and the host in Aleksandar Nikolić Hall is Partizan NIS. Tickets for tomorrow's game are not available, but you can enter the hall with Partizan NIS BC season tickets, or with day passes for sponsors and friends of the club. 

For security reasons, there won't be ticket exchange with guest fans, and for the same reason, the capacity of the hall will be reduced. 

During the press conference before tomorrow's game, Partizan NIS' coach, Andrea Trinchieri, said:

​"The first derby. If you're in basketball, you always dream of being on the bench for Partizan - Crvena zvezda or Panathinaikos - Olympiacos. That's... If you need to make a movie about a basketball derby, that's it. There's no third option. I've heard many fairy-tale-like stories, but I wouldn't like to theorize, I'd like to experience, I'll definitely enjoy. That's the first of many derbys, and I want to enjoy every second, so that one day, I can tell my children what it means to be on the bench in Pionir, at the game Partizan - Zvezda. I am from Milan, a Milanese, I know what a derby is, I was born with it. Since I was five or six, that has been the only thing people talk about, and I know what that means. The winners boost in the coffee shops and offices, and the loosers don't leave the house. I know all about that, and all of it is enjoyment. Those are all little things, but for me, they are like kaymak on a pljeskavica, it tastes better"​, Trinchieri pointed out, and then he analyzed the opponent, and stated his expectations before the game.

​"Zvezda are experienced, talented, deep, they don't have a defeat this season, and we have four. They are the front runners, but if there is a game where the team that aren't the front runners have something more, it will be.  We will know about 7 o'clock tomorrow if that will be enough. Details are very important, one rebound, one lost ball, one foul, one little thing is important in a game. That's why we need focus, we have to be smart, to ba a little relaxed, because this is the first derby, it's November. We need a good, tough game with energy. We will have enormous support tomorrow, we have to turn that into a positive performance"​, said Partizan NIS' coach.

Partizan NIS' point guard, Marcus Paige, said about the upcoming derby:

​"I have played the American version of this derby in college, I have heard many stories. I know that this is a game with high stakes, and I can't wait to see what it's like, compared to those in the US"​, Paige pointed out.

The black and whites' forward, Rade Zagorac stressed that even though this is his debut in the Partizan - Zvezda derby, he has some experience in similar games, because he played semifinals and finals against Partizan and Zvezda while he was in Mega.

​"Everything is kind of debut for me this season, as well as the derby, but I have a feeling of what that looks like. The preparation in a tactical sense is not that different, but the most important thing is mental preparation, some reset of previous games, so that we can carry out the ideas of the coaching staff. That is the key, as well as dealing with the pressure"​, said Zagorac.

(Photo: Dragana Stjepanović)