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18.11.2018 · 19:58

The black and whites without a turnaround in SC Morača

In the eighth round of the ABA League in Podgorica, Partizan NIS kept the score close constantly, but, in the end, they couldn't turn the score around and come to a victory against the current regional champion. In the end, 75:71 (26:16, 14:14, 14:22, 21:19) for Budućnost Voli.

Partizan NIS without a turnaround  in Podgorica! In the eighth round of the ABA League, the black and whites lost in SC Morača from the current regional league champion, the team of Budućnost, with the score 75:71. After an initial lead that Partizan had after points made by Janković, Sy, Paige, and Gagić, the team of  Budućnost had their first advantage around the middle of the first quarter, that, by the end of the tenth minute, was 10 points. Rade Zagorac was back in the team in this game, who, after only four days after his surgery, played with a nose guard.

In the second quarter, Partizan was constantly 4-6 points behind, but the team from Podgorica came back to +10, after a shot by Gordić, from around 18 meters from the hoop, made with the sound of the siren. The black and whites were once again close in the third quarter, but Budućnost answered and had +10 in the 29th minute. Then, Partizan came to -2, before the beginning of the final quarter, after two 3-pointers from Sy, and a shot from Marinković.

In the last quarter, Budućnost Voli made a mini run first, and came to a more tangible advantage.The black and whites came to -4 and -3 several times, but, they couldn't do more than that, in this game.

After the game, Partizan NIS' coach, Andrea Trinchieri, congratulated the opponent for the win:

"They played a firm game, hey have a lot of talent in offense. It was a tough game for us, but I think that we are improving. We're back, we're making very inexperienced mistakes, and today, Clark, Jackson, Gordić, and Ivanović punished us every time. For every mistake. In order to win this game, we have to make fewer mistakes. That's crystal clear. I think that we are going in the right direction, we're moving in the right way, we lack a bit more focus, and a little patience but today we played with a EuroLeague team that 'killed' Baskonia three days ago. I am sorry, because we could have won, but I am not disappointed", Trinchieri pointed out.

Budućnost Voli

Jackson 11, Ivanović 5, Su. Šehović 3, Clark 20, Barović 8, Clarke, Se. Šehović, Starovlah, Gordić 10, Omić 7, Popović, Nikolić 11

Partizan NIS

Paige 10, Trifunović, Sy 7, Marinković 10, Gegić 2, Pecarski, Gavrilović, Zagorac 8, Janković 15, Landale 8, Gagić 10, Nikolić 3

(Photo and video: Budućnost Voli)