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15.11.2018 · 12:58

Nikola Peković forgave all receivables from Partizan BC

The legendary basketball player, and later the President of the black and whites, has made the black and whites' debt much smaller.

Nikola Peković has once again helped his beloved club! The former Partizan NIS' center, and then a man who accepted responsibility and became President at one of the toughest moments in the history of the black and whites, has forgiven all receivables from the club that he had to this day.

Having become the Presidentof Partizan, in Spetember 2015, Nikola Peković invested his money in the recovery of the club, thus practically enabling Partizan BC to continue existing.

Peković also invested in the black and whites through donations and loans, and now he has decided to waive all that he invested in favor of his Partizan.

"By doing this, Nikola Peković has shown how attached he is to Partizan, and what this club means to him. By forgiving all receivables, Peković has made a great contribution to the stabilization and recovery of the club, and helped the club owe significantly less. As the President of the club, I want to cordially thank him, for this gesture, as well as for everything he did for Partizan as the president, and before that as a player", said the President of Partizan NIS, Ostoja Mijailović.

Resigning as the Presidents of Partizan NIS BC, Nikola Peković said that he will keep helping the club as much as he can, and now those words have received a public confirmation!

(Photo: Miroslav Todorović)