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Saturday, 29.02.2020 (18:00)

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Saturday, 29.02.2020 (18:00)


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26.10.2018 · 22:39

The black and whites lost from Zadar in Belgrade

After the game that Partizan NIS lost from the team from Dalmatia, with the score 85:95 (23:23, 17:25, 17:25, 28:22), the Coach, Nenad Čanak, has resigned.

Defeat of the black and whites in Štark Arena! Because Aleksandar Nikolić Hall was occupied, and due to the great interest of the fans, Partizan NIS' players played the game of the fifth round of the ABA League in the biggest hall in the Balkans. Levels 200 and 300 were open for the spectators, which was enough for around 8,000 people to support the black and whites.

Anthony Brown was on the team tonight, as well, but because he had only one practice with the team, he didn't get the chance to be on the court in Štark Arena.

The first quarter brought level game, and the teams alternated in being in the lead several times, so the score was tied after 10 minutes. During the next 7 minutes, the game was continued in the same rhythm, but then, the guests gained their first more tangible advantage. In the second half of the game, Zadar continued increasing their advantage, which soon became unattainable for the black and whites. During the final minutes of the game, Partizan NIS' players managed to reduce the difference to the final 85:95.

After the game, during the press conference, Partizan NIS' Coach informed the public that he has resigned!

Partizan NIS

Paige 16, Sy 5, Aranitović 10, Marinković 10, Gegić 3, Veličković, Pecarski 1, Brown, Janković 19, Landale 2, Gagić 12, Nikolić 7


Grant 7, Bašić 4, Marić, Magarity 9, Krajina 6, Vuković 5, Brzoja 5, Špralja 13, Tomas, Little 19, Božić 27, Planinić

(Photo: David Damjanović; video: Partizan NIS BC)