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Friday, 13.03.2020 (18:00)

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Friday, 13.03.2020 (18:00)


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25.10.2018 · 09:56

Čanak before Zadar: "Victory is the only option"

On Friday, October 26, at 9 PM, the black and whites are playing against Zadar in Štark Arena. 

In the fifth round of the regional ABA League, Partizan NIS' players are playing against Zadar. The game is scheduled for Friday, October 26 at 9 PM. For the first time after 4 years, the black and whites are playing a game in Štark Arena. 

Before the game in our biggest hall, Partizan NIS' Coach, Nenad Čanak, said:

"This is a tough situation for us, but we've got out of even tougher ones. Zadar changed their coach, so, right now, we have to turn to ourselves and eliminate the flaws in our game. We don't have a choice in tomorrow's game, and it is clear that winning is our only option", stated Čanak.

The black and whites' guard, Vanja Marinković shares the opinion of his coach.

"We are facing a game in which we have to win. We are aware that we are able to play far better than it was the case in the previous 10 or so days, and we will do everything to prove that tomorrow on the court in Arena. Zadar will enter the game with a lot of energy and desire, but I am convinced that we will want that victory more", Marinković pointed out.

(Photo: Dragana Stjepanović, video: Videostroj)