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Saturday, 04.12.2021 (19:00)

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Saturday, 04.12.2021 (19:00)


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10.08.2018 · 11:37

The captain of black and whites has signed a new contract

This afternoon, Novica Veličković formally confirmed his stay in the club.

The black and white jersey with the number 12 is not changing its owner! This afternoon, the captain of Partizan NIS, Novica Veličković, put his signature on a new one-year contract, thus formally confirming his stay in the club. The player, who is in the third place on the all-time list by the number of played games, will make his appearance in the first practice of the season on Monday. 

"I have pointed out many times what playing in the Partizan jersey means to me. What an honor and a privilege it is to be the captain of the largest club in the region. The relationship between Partizan and me has been stronger than any contract for a long time, so this today was just a formality. More important than that is that on Monday we start practicing, that our ambitions match the club's reputation, and that we know how hard we have to work to achieve those ambitions", said the black-and-whites' captain.

(Photo: Dragana Stjepanović / Partizan NIS BC, Sketch: Karikature Sarmagedon)