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23.05.2009 · 00:00

Brave Heart Brings the 8th Title in a Row!

Magnificent defense of the triple-crown accomplished!!!! BC Partizan players proved once again that their club is the sovereign ruler of ex-Yu area. The Rival to fall for this trophy was also the fiercest- BC Red Star Belgrade. The result of the decisive Serbian Superleague match 5 of the Finals was 73:61 and 3:2 in the series. Therefore, BC Partizan players won the eighth consecutive title of the National Champion of Serbia. The fantastic atmosphere in 'Hala Pionir' set the black and whites off to a flying starter of the first quarter allowing Red Star team first points on almost 3 minutes from the start. Yet, Red Star players answered aggressively and turned the score on board at 7:12. However, Rakocevic's double dunk show and Tripkovic's free throws provided a slight lead for the guys in Black and White off the first quarter. 17:15. Partizan had the better opener of the second period and raised the lead at 5 (21:16). The lead was on but the three point shot was more than disastrous (0/7). Such a thick ice to break but Uroš Tripković proved the arms of gold and a soft touch can do everything. Swoosh from downtown and the stands go wild. Consistency on defense and clever finishing provided 7 point lead for the break. Both rivals had a poor shooting percentage in the first minutes of the second half but Partizan players managed to hold the lead secure until Jan Vesely's monstrous dunk off the hoop and a fast break three from Rasic provided the first double-digit lead 46:34. The rival was broken and score was running fast and stopped at 58:39 at the end of the third quarter. Red Star team opened the final period of the season with a 6:0 run, but Captain Bozic slammed a three in the face of a defender and once more to put an end on this seasons fairy tale. Red Star team had several tries to catch up with the game but the only thing they managed to do was to cut the lead. The Stands-Show begun to close for this season: BLACK & WHITES BRAVO, BRAVO.... The buzzer marked the end the game and the start of the big celebrations..... ”I am very happy and I can't control the strong emotion, therefore, I want to hold my rights for some quotes and dialogues in the forthcoming days. What you could see tonight were the very last grains of strength of our team. Red Star team and we were in almost the same situation. Three very important players left Partizan in the eve of the season Palacio, Pekovic and Kecman. And it was a very hard job to build a new team when you are in such a position. Moreover, no one believed in us, especially those wishing-bad and some of those wishing-well who considered we are not capable of defending the triple-crown. On the other hand, Red Star had 4 players and some very good acquisitions such is Pesic, two American professionals and several quality players. So both teams had almost the same starting position. Anyway, I respect the effort and work they put in, this season. They managed to bring some discipline in the team and involve hard work in trainings, which enabled them to be much better individually and become a team. They fight for win and they are very tough opponents. They were much fresher. When they were on mid-season break in Budva we played exhausting CSKA games. One more fact, although we provided the 1st league position and the home advantage for play-offs we got a very tough opponent in the semis- Hemofarm. And except the first game where we dominated the other three games were very mentally and physically tiresome. More, we won the first two final matches and everyone in the media put the story of sweeping the fiercest rival. However, the titles are not easily won, you have to fight hard. They did not have that burden on their backs and put more effort in the third and fourth match to even the score in the series and put us in hard situation. I want to put praise on Red Star's work and effort with a pinch of irony and sarcasm. They are very tough nut to break and offered a very solid resistance to us in the final series. We played the third match celebrating the win but it's not over till it's over. Yet, Red Star can't be beaten if you do not put 120% of your abilities in the game. Big thanks to the fans tonight. It is not easy to them to cheer on such high temperatures in 'Hala Pionir' all the time. Without them all this would be impossible, this season success and especially this win tonight. And now that we won this, I have a big dilemma. I find it hard to understand whether Partizan will play the next Euroleague on point system or as the Champions of Serbia? The fans sang to me many times this season: Dule, bring the 8th title to us! Now I have to mention many people who moved the team from inside: Nikola Tomašević economist, Vlada Jovanović the very best assistant coach I ever had, Nedeljko Lazić, Vlada Radonjić, physician Babić, physio Šapina and all other office people who devotedly work for the club they love. For them all I have to say a big thank you to MARFIN BANK that keeps our accounts blocked during the complete season. I have to thank them for every effort they put in demolishing one of the biggest brands in Serbian sport. I am very joyful because we won this trophy but I have no illusions that anything can be better soon." The Black and Whites Head Coach Duško Vujošević commented on one the most successful seasons in the club's history. BC Partizan – BC Red Star 73:61 (17:15, 17:12, 24:13, 15:21) BC PARTIZAN: Tepić 5, Milošević, Rašić 17, Tripković 5, Veličković 9, Lasme 12, Aleksić, Vitkovac 2, Božić 6, Rakočević 6, Vesely 11, Vraneš. BC RED STAR: Kešelj 4, Roberts 6, Kikanović 3, Marković 9, Marinović 15, Stević, Dragićević 11, Milošević, Owens 5, Štimac 1, Bakić, Bjelica 7.