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Saturday, 19.01.2019 (17:00)

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Saturday, 19.01.2019 (17:00)


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26.12.2017 · 11:41

Black and whites are finishing this season Eurocup campaign in Krasnodar

Tomorrow at 6PM, Partizan NIS will play Lokomotiv Kuban in 10th round of 7Days EuroCup group stage. 

The expedition of BC Partizan NIS arrived this morning in Krassnodar where our team will play Lokomotiv Kuban on 27.12. at 6PM (CET). Black and whites departed last night from Belgrade where from they traveled via Moscow to the city which was found by Yekaterina the Great in 1794. 

Before tomorrows game, head coach Nenad Čanak stated: 

"We are ending our European campaign for this season tomorrow and we will try to shouw our best play against great team, leader of our group and a team who has Euroleague potential without any doubts. However, at this moment, there are more important challenges for us. First of them is a game against FMP on Saturday, a game which can determine our season in ABA league", Čanak said. 

After injury, Vanja Marinkovic returned to the team: 

"Despite not having imperative of the result, we are obliged to play as best as we can in every game. Lokomotiv is dominating our group and they will be a perfect test for us ahead of challenges in ABA league", Marinković underlined. 

In Russia, Partizan is without Marko Čakarević and Obrad Tomić who are injured. 

(Foto: Dragana Stjepanović)