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Saturday, 19.01.2019 (17:00)

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Saturday, 19.01.2019 (17:00)


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19.12.2017 · 22:27

Limoges took the victory in tight game in Belgrade

Partizan was one ball away from the victory, but Miller didnt score and the visiting team scored on the other side for 98:101 at the end. 

With only 8 players in rotation, BC Partizan NIS was one bal away from victory against Limoges. Black and white team had even +12 in a first half, but the visiting team managed to pull the game out and win after Partizan didnt score in its last posession. 

At the end, it was 98:101 in Belgrade. 

Head coach of black and whites, Nenad Canak said at the press conference: 

"This was a though game for us in term of the energy we invested. It turned out that we can say we invested it for nothing. However, this is a good training for much more important game against Mornar in ABA league. We repeated some mistakes from the match against MZT, first half was on a decent level, we were fulfiling our tasks in defence. In second half we made many mistakes, many players jumbed out from the track which can be explained with smaller number of players in our rotation. Limoges scored impotant and though shots in the second half , they didnt miss any single free throw. At the end, it was "one ball game", Miller usually scores from this situations, but now he did not. We have to keep moving forward and prepare for very important game against Mornar", Canak pointed out. 

New challenge for Partizan is on Saturday, 5 PM when they will host Mornar in regional ABA j.t.d. league. 

(Photo: Dragana Stepanović / Miroslav Todorović)