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Tuesday, 19.10.2021 (19:30)


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14.12.2017 · 17:04

Nenad Čanak is the new head coach of BC Partizan NIS

Dejan Mijatović will be the first assistant to the new coach of Black and Whites. Dragan Todorić assumed a new position - Advisor to the president of BC Partizan for sports issues.

At today's meeting of BC Partizan NIS Managing Board, new coach of the first team was appointed. Former captain of Black and Whites and former first assistant of Aleksandar Džikić's professional staff last season, Nenad Čanak, got the unanimous vote of all 12 members present. The first associate of the new head coach is Dejan "Džoli" Mijatović, while Aleksandar Matović will stay as a part of the staff.

At a press conference held at the premises of BC Partizan, the new coach of Black and Whites said at the presentation:

"I am extremely pleased with the return to Partizan, my 'sports home'. I know very well what the fans expect from the team and the club. I can promise that I will give 100 percent of the energy and knowledge, so we can return Partizan on the right track, especially when it comes to norms of behavior and play. There is a difficult job waiting for us, nothing is easy in life, but we certainly will not give up", said Čanak, who signed the contract with the club for two and a half years.

His first assistant, Dejan Mijatović, stated:

"We are aware of the existence of a continuing philosophy when it comes to personality selection that entered Partizan and I want the club to keep that identity from which we should not differ. As people before us said, Partizan either has a team that will aim at the highest ambition, or it will have a team that will do the same in few years", said Mijatović.

The long-time sports director of BC Partizan, Dragan Todoric, is now taking up his new position and he will be advisor to the president for sports issues, and one of his closest associates.

"There was also a change at the position of our sports director. Todoric was not replaced, he was moved from that position and will be my advisor and one of my closest associates. He will continue to be in the club, and today he has gained the support of the managing board, and I hope he will remain in the club even after he retires, because it is very difficult to find a man with such knowledge and rich experience. When it comes to the sports director's position, we are negotiating with a few people. We want that person to be a young, energetic man, a former athlete, tthat will make contacts and deal with transfers. Dušan Kecman will remain a team manager and will take Todorić's place on the bench until we solve the sport director's position", said the president of BC Partizan NIS, Ostoja Mijailović.

His debut as a head coach of Black and Whites Nenad Čanak will have on Saturday, December 16th, when Partizan NIS will host a game against MZT.

(Photo: Miroslav Todorović)