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Tuesday, 27.04.2021 (19:00)

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Tuesday, 27.04.2021 (19:00)


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13.05.2009 · 00:00

BC Partizan 1 - 0 BC Red Star

Both teams had a good opening of the game which was marked by a baset for basket game in the first quarter. Several three pointers from both sides set the score at 11:11 after five minutes. The tug of war was the best description of the 1st quarter as both teams had their moments of lead. Eventually, Partizan wins the 1st quarter 17:16. 'The Black and Whites' started the 2nd quarter in style and after a 7:0 run and great defensive plays the score is 26:19. The gear up was enough for Partizan team to raise the lead at 33:24 which was the product of stronger plays under the hoop on both coasts. However, Red Star team managed to go on half-time break with an acceptable 6 points minus. The second half displayed a lot tougher basketball under the baskets and after several poor solutions on offense Red Star cut the lead to 4 points. However, Partizan side rose again to set the lead where it was 42:34, thankfully to centers and forwards excellent teamwork. Yet, Red Star team managed to come close again and split the lead in half 53:48 with a 5:0 run. The 4th quarter offered the unexpected 53:50 but Partizan players proved once again to be the best deffensive team in Serbia and soon the score was 60:50 after 2 triple point shots. After that moment the scoring margin was rising to its maximum 67:54 and the final score was 70:58. ”I cannot say that I am satisfied just by the win but I am. I am very glad that we lead the series by 1:0 and that we stopped them sweep us with 3:0 as some of them threatened. Yet, I have to say that we play this final series against a 'fierce rival' who did not have the burden of favourites around neck. I did not expect to see attractive basketball here and there might have been much more pressure than I expected to see because we had 15 free throws missed and a lot of easy shots missed, too. We also made several stupid mistakes and we did not manage to break the game twice when we had a 12 points lead. We did not feel those moments and we let the opponent come back. I would love if we played in front of more fans because I know that all the tickets were sold out. Maybe season tickets holders did not come to fill the vacancy in a big number or strikes in Belgrade prevented people to come. We were very nervous and both teams wanted to win the game. We now turn to the next match on Friday. It is familiar that the hardest job is to win the first home and over the home advantage. That's why we showed a lot of weaknesses today. I hope we will play much better in the next match although we are guests,.”, said Partizan Head Coach Duško Vujošević post match. Partizan: Tepić 6, Milošević, Rašić 8, Tripković 9, Veličković 15, Lasme 3, Aleksić, Vitkovac 4, Božić 3, Rakočević 1, Vesely 12, Vraneš 9. Red Star: Kešelj 6, Kikanović, Marković 2, Marinović 11, Nedović, Stević 4, Dragićević 10, Milošević, Owens 5, Štimac 17, Bakić 3, Bjelica.