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Tuesday, 27.04.2021 (19:00)


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05.05.2009 · 00:00

Shocking defeat:Partizan - Hemofarm 2:1

The third play-offs semi-final match between Partizan and Hemofarm finished by a surprising defeat of the black and whites 67:79 (8:21, 21:20, 20:14) After five minutes of the first quarter everyone present saw an equal game with a few attractive moves on both sides. However, it could be noticed that Vršac guys want it more and after initial lead of 4:8 and a time-out from Partizan bench, the Pharmacists continued their scoring run which rose to 15:0. The black and white guys broke the run from the free-throw line (6:17) but did not manage to come closer finishing the first quarter by unbelievable 8:21. Hemofarm side continued the showering from all positions in the second period and the score of 10:28 could tell something. Fans from the stands felt the sinking of their team and volumized their thunderous cheering even more which helped their favourites win the quarter but the acceptable score was still far away. After the break, Partizan players agreed to play more agressive and made a 12:0 run in first six minutes to cut the lead to 36:41 completely outscoring the opponents. Partizan played recognizably through the third quarter and managed to trail just by one but unfortunately not to break the score 45:46. Nevertheless, guys in Orange jerseys woke up in the eve of the quarter to catch the lead the fought for through the game 49:55. In the fourth period, Partizan side got completely lost in a transitional basketball with a lot of open shots which caused the Belgrade team trail by 10 again 53:63. Partizan had a lot of field goal problems and scored most of their baskets from the free throw line while Hemofarm was showering from all positions which resulted in the final score of 67:79. Series are now back in Vršac and the next, 4th match will be played in two days."We played very poor basketball tonight with a very disappointing approach after 2:0 in series. We shouldn't have allowed Hemofarm rise from the dead. We now have one more chance to play better and finish this series in Vršac," said Partizan Shooting Guard Uroš Tripković."Hemofarm entirely deserved this win. We expected from them to show their quality although they have had ups and downs. I've tried to warn my players against complacency in this match after a 2:0 lead in the series but no words and coaching methods could reach them. I congratulate to Hemofarm for the win. They had much more desire and morale to win tonight and desrved it completely", said Duško Vujošević post-match. Partizan – Hemofarm Štada 67:79 (8:21, 21:20, 20:14, 18:24) Partizan: Tepić 9, Milošević, Rašić 3, Tripković 10, Veličković 16, Lasme 14, Aleksić, Vitkovac 2, Božić 5, Rakočević 2, Vesely 6, Vraneš . Hemofarm Štada: Pavković 10, Despotović, Joksimović 6, Božović 9, Marković 2, Savović, Krstović 7, Mačvan 16, Petrović, Borisov 22, Marjanović 7, Bader.