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Tuesday, 27.04.2021 (19:00)

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Tuesday, 27.04.2021 (19:00)


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30.04.2009 · 00:00

Classy Black and Whites Stroll Over 'Pharmacists'

In the first Semi Final match of Serbian Supeleague Play-off Series BC Partizan flew over Hemofarm 62:37 (18:6, 21:12, 13:7, 10:12) The black and whites started demolition job with initial 17:2 run after a marvellous show of rock hard defense and attractive plays on offense. 'The Steam Runner' allowed just six points in the bucket in the first quarter - 18:6. Partizan continued the windmill job in the second quarter unstoppably raising the margin until guys in orange got completely lost on court when they saw the half time score towering at 39:18. Hemofarm guys slammed the floor even more in the third quarter because 'the black and white' guys allowed them their first basket after six minutes of play. The score was 48:20 and our guys received just 7 points in the third period which finished with 52:25. The atmosphere on the stands was much alike the Euroleague games, which helped our team outclass the opponents leading 60:27 at a moment and finishing the match in style for their first win in the series. Pionir got recognizable glow in this match as the Fans gathered in large number to help the team in the play-offs. Partizan plays next game in the series in Vršac and the third game in Belgrade is scheduled for May 5. "I am very pleased with the way my guys played through the game. Hemofarm has a good team and this match is not a realistic display of their real abilities. They have been constantly oscillating lately but they have much more potential to play better than this. Naturally, the first game in the series is the hardest because you have to get the job done at home and that is the fact that psychologically makes things harder for the team. Rakočević felt a slight pain in the back at todays training session, luckily we are stronger than trouble. I am sure it won;t be this easy until the end, because we expect to see Hemofarm reactions to this. All players played exceptionally well, real teamwork. That is our ornament on court through the complete season and they proved to be on a high level surrounded by very low conditions. We are satisfied by our play and a new win and now we think only of the new game in Vršac. Thanks to everyone present tonight at the stands and I hope to see you on Tuesday again because ticket prices are very popular.", said Partizan Head Coach Duško Vujošević post-match. BC Partizan – BC Hemofarm Štada 62:37 (18:6, 21:12, 13:7, 10:12) BC Partizan: Tepić 7, Riznić, Milošević, Rašić 11, Tripković 5, Veličković 12, Lasme 6, Aleksić, Vitkovac 1, Božić 2, Vesely 8, Vraneš 10. BC Hemofarm Štada: Pavković, Despotović, Joksimović, Božović 5, Marković 3, Savović 5, Krstović 4, Mačvan 7, Borisov 2, Marjanović 6, Bader, Vukosavljević 5.