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Tuesday, 27.04.2021 (19:00)


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24.04.2009 · 00:00

Partizan Dominant According to have chosen the best individuals and teams in NLB league, in which Partizan defended the trophy. Partizan players have been dominant in all categories taking 6 out of 9 awards for the best in all main categories. Novica Veličković has taken three awards: best player, best European player and the Small Forward of the year. Milenko Tepić has been chosen as the best guard of the year and Stephane Lasme is the best defensive player of the year according to the site. Duško Vujošević is undoubtedly the Head Coach of the year. BC Partizan is the fourth team in Europe according to the site!!! Veličković and Tepić are members of the NLB league starting line-up and they are also members of European starting line-up. Lasme found his place in European Foreign Players Starting Line-up. Veličković and Lasme are also chosen in the best defensive line up of the season.Player of the year: Novica Veličković (Partizan) Guard of the year: Milenko Tepić (Partizan) Forward of the year: Novica Veličković (Partizan) Center of the year: Todor Gečevski (Zadar) European Player of the year: Novica Veličković (Partizan) Foreign player of the year: Earl Calloway (Cibona) Defensive player of the year: Stephane Lasme (Partizan) Most Improved Player of the Yea: Boban Marjanović (Hemofarm) Head Coach of the year: Duško Vujošević (Partizan) Starting Line-up: Earl Calloway (Cibona), Milenko Tepić (Partizan), Marin Rožić (Cibona), Novica Veličković (Partizan), Todor Gečevski (Zadar). 2nd Team: Marko Marinović (Crvena zvezda), Davor Kus (Cibona), Vladimir Micov (Budućnost), Milan Mačvan (Hemofarm), Ante Tomić (Zagreb). Honorable Mention: Eddie Shannon (Split), Elmedin Kikanović (Crvena zvezda), Alan Anderson (Cibona), Vladimir Dašić (Budućnost), Dragan Labović (FMP), Vladimir Golubović (Olimpija), Richard Shields (Krka), Stephane Lasme (Partizan).. All-European Players Team: Milenko Tepić (Partizan), Davor Kus (Cibona), Marin Rožić (Cibona), Novica Veličković (Partizan), Todor Gečevski (Zadar). All-Imports Team: Erl Earl Calloway (Cibona), Andre Owens (Crvena Zvezda), Stephane Lasme (Partizan), Lawrence Roberts (Crvena Zvezda), Jared Homan (Cibona)All-Defensive Team: Eddie Shanon (Split), Vladimir Micov (Budućnost), Stephane Lasme (Partizan), Novica Veličković (Partizan), Todor Gečevski (Zadar). Site also creates the Top 100 European Teams list and our club is holding the high 4th place according to the current results! Clubs are rated for the results in domestic championships, participation and results in European Cups and Leagues according to the results crested in the last five weeks in comparisson to all teams from the country were the club comes from. Play-off matches bring more points than matches from the regular season, and the recent NLB F4 triumph and current Serbian Superleague results have not been calculated in the current list, yet. According to EUROBASKET.COM TOP 10 European Clubs are:1. CSKA (Russia) 179 points 2. Olympiakos (Greece) 172 3. Montepaschi (Italy) 163 4. Partizan (Srbija) 146 5. Tau Ceramica (Spain) 145 6. Barcelona (Spain) 140 7. Panathinaikos (Greece) 135 8. Hemofarm (Srbija) 135 9. Žalgiris (Lithuania) 119 10. Real Madrid (Spain) 115.