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Tuesday, 27.04.2021 (19:00)


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23.04.2009 · 00:00

A New Victory in Železnik!

Swisslion Serbian Superleague round 4 match between FMP and Partizan finished in favour of the reigning champions 63:69 (16:11,16:22, 16:18, 15:18) . Both teams' defenses had a fabulous night from the start which resulted in a tight game, 5:5 at the half of the first period and 11:11 a bit later. When the host scored five more without conceding to complete their 7:0 run and the 1st quarter. The black and whites struck back and after a series of three pointer the lead of the host melted down 21:22. The tight match continues and 'the black & whites' go for the break with a minimal lead 32:33. The scenario turned around in the second half as FMP players shot several threes and the black and whites rocked the rim 46:45. 'Panthers' had an equalizer with the buzzer in hands but they missed it closely and the 3rd quarter finished 48:51 for 'the black and whites'. Tepić had his show in the 4th period. He scored every single tough shot in that period of game top keep the score alive for Partizan team. FMP players scored several important three point shots for 56:57 when Partizan sets the stage with a 1:7 run to close the game with eventual 63 :69. Stephane Lasme had his night with 22 points and 10 rebounds while captain Petar Božić helped him with 15 points (5 out of 5 for 3-points). Panthers were led by Samardžiski 11p and Jeremić 12 points.”I am very pleased that we have won trhis game. In a system like this some oscilations are expected and normal, morover, FMP has some quality. They are a combination of experience and youth and they have a lot of experience through youth category games. They were highly motivated today. Partizan has become a highly respected team and you can get some sort of reputation if you beat us. I supose they had a very bad day when we beat them with a 20 points margin in Pionir, that is certainly not their real quality. They played tough today with a lot of contact and it is normal that they serched their chance to win in that style of play. However, We have an additional quality to multiply personal qualities of our players through helping through both offense and defense and we do not manage to do that we are not much stronger than any other team in the league. But if you want to do that you have to respect and fear the opponent a bit, because an oppinion has been publicly created that Partizan can beat everyone and that we are going to be the champions easily. Partizan are the favourite and evryone in Partizan would like to see that scenario, but, it won't be like that if we do not engage more. We need to want to win more than any our rival as evrything goes to those who want it more. Tonight. I reckon that in the first period FMP players wanted it more, through better shot selection. I suppose that every single team in the world is respected when they make much better results than they were expected to. I have to say that I am very surprised by refereeing of Ilija Vojnović. I do not want to get any ball I did not deserve but I do not want to be taken any ball the rival did not deseve either, when it is not a mistake. Congratulations to FMP guys as they offered their maximum. Congratulations to my coleague Stepandić who managed to get maximum of them. We will certainly use some moments out of this game, especially the tension we had before Cibona match”, said Partizan Head Coach Duško Vujošević post-match. FMP – Partizan 63:69 (16:11,16:22, 16:18, 15:18) FMP Železnik:Čović 8, Živanović, Dramićanin 3, Labović 5, Lazić 7, Ilić, Stamenković, Raduljica 4, Protić 9, Samardžiski 11, Jeremić 12, Milutiović 4. Partizan: Tepić 11, Milošević 1, Rašić, Tripković, Veličković 7, Lasme 22, Aleksić 5, Vitkovac, Božić 15, Rakočević 2, Vesely 5, Vraneš 1.