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Friday, 13.03.2020 (18:00)


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18.04.2009 · 00:00


BC Partizan players managed to claim back-to-back-to-back NLB Champions Title and grab their second trophy of the season. BC Partizan beat Cibona 63:49 in the final game of NLB league Final 4 in 'Belgrade Arena' with the help of ecstatic fans who set a new NLB attendance record at 13.328. Partizan players ran out of the locker room furiously and made a 6:0 run. The Black and Whites continue a well-concentrated play and let Cibona score just 9 points in the first period (17:9). 'The Steam Runner' smashed the rival in initial minutes of the second quarter and set the lead at 30:12 in the 14th minute. However, a slight complacency allows the Blues to go for the break with 11 point trail. Cibona opens the second half dominantly under the hoop and at the end of the third quarter the lead melt down to 4 points for the black and whites. Then, when it was needed most, ''the best European sixth player'' set the winning stage with a thunderous roar from the stands and the black and whites strive to success raising to a new double-digit lead. 'Arena' roared again 'We will celebrate the title' and everybody knew the opponent was broken. 'The Black and Whites' finished the game calmly and proved for the third consequtive time to be the best team in the Adriatic region!"We are very pleased to have endured to the end and to have proved that everything we have done through the season is not just a coincidence. We have proved once again that we are the strongest team in the regional competition. I am very happy that we managed to celebrate in an ambient like this. Big thanks to the fans who gave us support to keep being strong on our way" , said BC Partizan captain Petar Božić. "I am delighted to see us on the throne of NLB League for the third consequtive time. I believe that we deserved that if you have a glimpse at the previous results in the season. We played every game in all the championships with maximum devotion and without any calculations which resulted in tremendous fatigue of the players. I' ve always told to my players that tiredness is explainable if you are doing big things. There had been a risk that we had a bad day or the opponent had an excellent day and everything we did through the season just falls through. Fortunatelly, it did not happen. Cibona is a high-quality team, they entered the Euroleague Top 16 this year. They have played this season much better than the last season. You have seen that it was enough for them to catch us sleeping for two minutes to cut all the lead we were building for 20 or so minutes. We materialised the first half well, but we had a 19 point lead in a moment and finished the half with just 11 in the pocket. We let Cibona go for the break with a feeling that they can do something. In the third quarter they made a 10:0 run and put us in a dangerous position. I want to thank to the fans for coming in such a numbers, and for being the best when we were in the worst position. I want to thank to the City of Belgrade Government, without whom the organisation of Final 4 would never be possible in Belgrade. NLB league grows in a quality league, with a lot of flaws that should be corrected. Owners and directors rights should be changed, participation of Serbian basketball should be proportionate to the ownership of the competition. I reckon that young players and clubs have a lot of interest in developing this league to the highest level and this should not be interfered with nationalism of any kind. The country was destructed because of nationalism and there is a possibility that even this league can be destroyed for the same causes," said post-match Partizan Head Coach Duško Vujošević. BC Partizan shooting guard Uroš Tripković was especially delighted with the way his team managed to overcome Cibona's waking up and gain the two digit lead again. He said: "We have played one more tough match. We dominated the first half but we let Cibona cut our lead to only three points. However, our devotion brought us back on a double digit lead and I am delighted for that and for the fact that we managed to win the third consecutive title in this competition. We are in great shape now and we will do everything to keep the winning run, but it is not easy when you play games every other evening. Yet, the schedule is the same for everyone and we can not complain." Partizan Center Slavko Vraneš said that he and his teammates have already turned their sights to Serbian Superleague: "We have won one more trophy for Partizan. We have played the complete season with the same line-up and we managed to far exceed Euroleague expectations. That's the result of good work and atmosphere within the team. We are pushing further now, our next goal is Serbian Superleague. We won't get complacent because we want that trophy." BC Partizan – BC Cibona 63:49 (17:9, 21:18, 9:16, 16:6) Partizan: Tepić 8, Milošević 1, Rašić , Tripković 8, Veličković 17, Lasme 11, Aleksić , Vitkovac , Božić 1, Rakočević 6, Vesely 7, Vraneš 4. Cibona: Homan 11, Kus , Longin , Prkačin , Troha , Vukušić 6, Andrić , Calloway 7, Zubčić , Princ , Rozić 3, Anderson 22.