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Wednesday, 03.03.2021 (20:00)


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14.03.2009 · 00:00

'The Black and Whites' suffer defeat in Zagreb

Partizan suffered their third NLB league defeat this time against Cibona in Zagreb in Week 25 derby match. The final score is 66:58 (22:17, 18:17, 12:17, 14:7). After a fabulous starter and a killer series of 4:14, the 'black and white guys' relaxed a bit and Cibona strikes back with 18:3 series and the result at the end of the first quarter is 22:17. Partizan players still knew the way to follow the shooting inspired hosts through the second period but Cibona held their lead for the half 40:34. Cibona opens the third quarter with the heavy shower from downtown and lead 47:34. Apparently, Partizan forgot their lethal weapon at home as the host dominated the offensive and defensive rebounds. However, our guys make a 3:18 run and keep the score alive hitting their first three-pointer in the course and catching their new lead 50:51. Partizan players hit again for 52:53 and after a real tug of war lose to their rivals Cibona who kept their shot and defense steady until the end. "Although we seemed to have improved from Roma game we still have traces of accumulated fatigue which was obvious as we didi not play for forty minutes today. We also did a terrible job with offensive rebounds. We rebounded in a poor way letting a 12:0 series after having a 4:14 lead. Not to mention two turnovers in a row in the third quarter when the score was 58:57. Those mistakes have to be corrected if we want to improve our play and wait for the most important matches in superb condition." said Duško Vujošević, Partizan head coach, after the match in Zagreb.BC Cibona – BC Partizan 66:58 (22:17, 18:17, 12:17, 14:7) Cibona:Wright 10, Homan Jared, Kus 5, Prkačin 14, Troha, Vukušić 3, Andrić, Calloway 5, Zubčić, Princ 2, Rozić 4, Anderson 23. Partizan:Tepić 15, Riznić, Milošević 1, Rašić 1, Tripković 2, Lasme 12, Aleksić, Vitkovac 10, Božić, Rakočević 6, Vesely, Vraneš 10.