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Wednesday, 03.03.2021 (20:00)

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Wednesday, 03.03.2021 (20:00)


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28.02.2009 · 00:00

New NLB Victory

'The black and whites' beat Vojvodina in Novi Sad on NLB Day 23 with the result 73:77 (14:20, 17:26, 20:21, 22:10). Partizan stepped out convincingly on the floor of Hala Spens and showed that they came to novi Sad to prove their outrageous results. Powerful plays from the first half and the result of 31:46 demonstrated the strenght of the defending champions. However, Vojvodina had the answer and tried to cach the lead with agressive offensive plays and after spicing up the final quarter 'Voša' fought for a reasonable home loss.“This match represents one those that leave the winner without victorious emotions but we would feel sad if we lost it. I believe that every match should be played in a fair way, as long as it is possible. We have that duty, because I believe that every team that plays final league matches with no interest should play them as if they are vital without submerging the levels of play especially if they play with the teams from their own country. Therefore, I insist the control of these matches should be at the highest possible level. We are tired but we do our best to spread the team fatigue on all our players as we have an obligation to pay back to our fans and be at our level through every game.” , said Duško Vujošević. BC Vojvodina Srbijagas - BC Partizan 73:77 (14:20, 17:26, 20:21, 22:10 ) Vojvodina Srbijagas: Popović 5, Stanojević 4, Ljubotina 2, Borovnjak 5, Bajić 2, Jovanović, Šutalo 12, Cummings 10, Fisher 24, Habus, Adams, Pavković. Partizan: Tepić, Milošević 6, Rašić 5, Tripković 7, Veličković 2, Lasme 10, Aleksić 6, Vitkovac, Božić, Rakočević 11, Vesely 18, Vraneš 12.