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Wednesday, 03.03.2021 (20:00)

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Wednesday, 03.03.2021 (20:00)


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17.02.2009 · 00:00

BC Partizan gets Euroleague Licence B

Mlađan Šilobad, business director of BC Partizan, attended Euroleague Assembly held in Rome today. It has been confirmed that BC Partizan has got the Euroleague Licence "B" due to results and number of points that our club made and won in Euroleague and NLB league in last three seasons. BC Partizan is granted Euroleague competition in seasons 2009/2010 and 2010/2011 with the possibility of contract period extensions. Euroleague keeps the current form of the competition with 24 teams. The teams with licences 'A' and 'B' will be the holders of 21 positions, 22nd position is reserved for the Eurocup winner and the remaining two vacancies are reserved for teams passing qualifiers.