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Wednesday, 03.03.2021 (20:00)


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14.02.2009 · 00:00

Partizan beats Olimpija in fantastic atmosphere

'The Black and Whites' hit another 'black and white jack' in the full house. They beat Union Olimpija 69:67 (19:15, 14:23, 20:21, 16:8) on NLB Day 22. Partizan players started the match with a wonderful show of powerful attacks and organized defense, letting the opponent score first points mid-1st quarter with a 9:0 lead. The away team wakes up at the moment and come close until the end of the quarter 19:15. Ljubljana team took their first match lead in the second quarter running away with a 9:1 series mid quarter 31:38. The continuer bring powerful plays from the guest and they catch their biggest lead 38:55. Fortunately, BC Partizan players knew the answer and came close to the rival before the start of the 4th quarter. The guys in black and white did it well in the last period with a 7:0 series and trailed just a point 62:63 ahead of the last minute. The experience and concentration of young Partizan players was decisive for the final result. "The new victory in such a difficult match is the most important thing for us at the moment. Maybe we had a wrong approach to this match but I found it useful as we found the way to get out of it. This win is very important ahead of the National Cup matches and for NLB of course. It is very reasonable to say that we are tired but we are sportsmen and this will be a constant issue that we have to take care of. We are all used to that and we know how to play when we are tired and no matter what we will do our best in every match. ", said Uroš Tripković, BC Partizan, shooting guard. "I have to thank to all our fans for being great today and fulfilling 'Pionir'. Although, the match was not that important for us because of Partizan's current league position ahead of Final 4 in NLB league, the fans cheered us all the time. They came to say 'well done' for Partizan's results in this season and they cheered us most aloud when we were losing by 17 points in this match. Big 'Thanks' to all of you, again. Congratulations to Olimpija. Their coach Jurij Zdovc, was an intelligent and good defensive player with a high team morale and he has the same qualities now as a coach. He made a full capacity selection of those who are good fighters in the team and motivated them a lot in this season. That was the case today, as they did their best against us. Although, they did not have any league interests but personal satisfaction of beating Partizan at home which they maybe deserved and were very close to make it. We all noticed that my players still had grains of celebrations after last three very important victories and it was confirmed by the opening moves of my team. But, when Olimpija took match control, we were lost in panic as we did not have the tension of winning the match from the start. However, we collected the strenght to win this one but I can not be satisfied, of course. Anyway, this match is a 'middle layer' among those terribly exhausting matches against Lottomatica, Red Star and Unicaja and ahead of the National Cup. I tried to explain the importance of this match for team-morale but my players had a bit different vision of it and they got a warning that if we do not give 120 per cent of engagement in every match we play, we will not represent the team everyone respects and fans adore to watch and cheer. ", said Duško Vujošević, BC Partizan head coach, after the match. BC Partizan – BC Union Olimpija 69:67 (19:15, 14:23, 20:21, 16:8) BC Partizan: Tepić 13, Milošević 2, Rašić 9, Tripković 5, Veličković 9, Lasme 15, Aleksić, Vitkovac 2, Božić 3, Rakočević 5, Vesely 2, Vraneš 4. BC Union Olimpija: Klobučar 3, Rudež, Harrington 5, Hukič 5, Robinson 2, Begič 4, Golubović 15, Maravič, Župan, Ožbolt 20, Nešović 13.