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Wednesday, 03.03.2021 (20:00)


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11.02.2009 · 00:00

Unicaja next to fall into Pionir's crater

That was an "Academy Award winning" thriller on display in Pionir with a marvelous set in fenomenal ambient arranged by the best fans in Europe. Although the heart- attack dramma in the finish spiced up the screen play, there was just one reasonable solution for the end: Partizan's Victory. The Black and Whites beat Unicaja 60:59 for their second Euroleague Top 16 victory out of three matches. The 40 minutes of battle royal and fierce defenses allowed by the reffs led to 21 points only after the first period. The second quarter was almost the same as the Spanish team had 18:26 lead which was neutralised by our team after an 8:0 series for the first half finish. Partizan displayed a terrible 3-point shot series of 7-0 in the first half and everyone in the arena waited for the downtown icebreaker in the second half. That was the scenario for the second half as double threes from Rašić and Veličković opened the 3rd quarter in style and set Pionir on fire. Malaga team was in knock-down as the Black and Whites made a fabulous series of 16:0 and the result was 34:26. However, the Andalucian "Top 16 first hat" giants had the answer to the offense. They made a 11:0 series in a nick of time to gain their one point lead back. Again, the Serbian Champions found the way how to get what they had after pulling 4 minutes long tug of war for 44:41 ahead of the final quarter. The dramma continued, and both sides suffer a five minutes struggle when Partizan manages to outscore guests with 7:0 series in 3 minutes for 56:51. Then, our team makes a couple of mistakes and experienced guests use it to make a thriller finish. Partizan had the last attack and Unicaja makes a foul with 4 seconds left on clock. Veličković stepped up on the line and missed his first but hit the second free-throw. Cook takes responsibility, he goes coast-to-coast and shoots a floater into Vranes hands. Partizan wins!!!! Pionir trembles!!!!"The glorious victory. Not just for the importance of the match but for the fact that Unicaja had to win this match in order to find their way to Top 8, after loosing at home to Panathinaikos. And they had that pressure stalking them in Belgrade. We managed to cut down their counter attacks and minimize the number of their shots. We also had a good rebound control but we couldn't defend or attack their centres in the first half. Their players on central positions controlled the paint and we were not taking them out for one on one after pick'n'rolls. We just scored a miserable number of points in the first half. It's just that Euroleague reffs allow intensive defensive plays with a lot of physical contacts. We made a series of mistakes in the finish. When we wanted to make a foul we had to make it earlier, and not with 6 seconds left. I am very happy for the fans who filled 'Pionir' to its full capacities and made fantastic atmosphere for us. My boys deserve all praises for this match, too. You are all familiar with the fact that Vesely and Vraneš are both ill, and that Vesely had just one shooting training and Vraneš is on injections. I think that we will need a lot more than victory against Panathinaikos in Pionir to reach Top 8. No one can guarantee that now. Maybe we will have to beat Lottomatica in Rome or Unicaja in Malaga." , said Duško Vujošević Partizan head coach, after the match.BC Partizan – CB Malaga Unicaja 60:59 (10:11, 16:15, 18:15, 16:18) BC Partizan: Tepić 8, Milošević 4, Rašić 5, Tripković 12, Veličković 12, Lasme 9, Aleksić , Vitkovac 2, Božić 2, Rakočević 2, Vesely 4, Vraneš . CB Malaga Unicaja :Cook 12, Gomis 5, Rodriguez 1, Cortaberria , Welsch 12, N'Dong 6, Gabriel 5, Jimenez 2, Archibald 6, Kelati , Haislip 10.