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Wednesday, 03.03.2021 (20:00)


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07.02.2009 · 00:00

Champions rise from dust to beat the bitter rivals

BC Partizan beat BC Red Star 82:85 (20:17,21:21, 23:16, 18:31), after playing a fenomenal 4th quarter in "the old firm derby" in Pionir on NLB league, Day 21. Novica Veličković was "the phoenix" of Prtizan's rising from dust. The MVP of Euroleague Top 16, Week 2 scored 20 points and grabbed 12 rebounds to get a very important victory for the Black and Whites. Partizan played without Vraneš and Vesely whereas Red Star had to play without Roberts after 2 minutes of the game. BC Red Star opened the match with an initial part score of 10:1. Partizan played agressive pressing from the moment and came to 20:17 in the first quarter. The 2nd quarter brought us an equal game where Partizan catches their first lead by Čedomir Vitkovac's points 24:25. Yet, Red Star manages to hold a high game level to keep their lead of three points for the half time. In the third quarter The Red and Whites used several turnovers from our guys and scored three tough shots from the three point line to raise their lead on ten points ahead of the final quarter. The sober play of the guys in black and white brought us joy of heavy armour defense and and after just 7 minutes of the 4th quarter Partizan leads again 69:70. The desire for the win became real as Rašić's 3 pointer opened the series in which Lasme blocks a shot and Veličković scores a smooth lay-off in the counter attack to get five points lead for Partizan a moment later Lasme dunks to make things worse for Red Star. The result is 71:78 until a series of free throws got Red Star back on the track again with 75:78. Although Partizan managed to make a substantial lead ahead of the last minute of the match, Red Star spiced up the finish. But Novica Veličković painted the town black and white this night. The result was 82:83. Vitkovac stepped on the line and missed both free throws but Veličković jumps and clutches the ball with just six seconds left on clock. Owens commited foul on him and he scored both free throws to set the final score. "Of course I'm happy we managed to snatch such an important victory at this moment in the match like this. Only derby gathers this many fans and media representatives. I am very glad we won this one without two very important players and that is the most important thing for us at the moment. ",said Duško Vujošević, BC Partizan coach after the match."Both teams deserved all the credits for the match this time but Partizan deserved a bit more because they won it. I think that players were the highlight spot of the derby because of their marvelous play. We may have played a bit better and we had to have better field goal efficiency. After all, the match is probably decided by the spectacular defensive plays from both teams.", said Svetislav Pešić, BC Red Star coach. After this match, BC Partizan ran away ahead of their runners-up BC Red Star with three wins more in NLB league.BC Partizan: Tepić 10, Milošević 5, Rašić 5, Tripković 9, Veličković 20 , Lasme 10, Vitkovac 6, Božić 9, Rakočević 11;BC Red Star: Kešelj 1, Roberts, Kikanović 10, Kovač 10, Marinović 17, Stević 12, Dragićević 11, Owens 5, Štimac 4, Bakić 4, Bjelica 8