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05.02.2009 · 00:00

Veličković and Tripković: Victory over Roma

Novica Veličković, about the game: "We played this game with maximum involvement and fought till the end. Now, we turn to our next rival in the derby and of course that we want to triumph in that match." And his comments on Unicaja's loss against Panathinaikos: "They are our next Euroleague rivals, but we are thinking just of the match ahead of us. and that match is the derby. Anyway, we have to beat Unicaja in Pionir if we want to reach Top 8”. Veličković said that Partizan can reach the next Euroleague phase. "I've already said that we can go further than this. We have enough quality to do that. We had just eight bad minutes in Panathinaikos game and they knew how to use it. I can not say that there is a team with more qualities than we have at the moment. And we do not have a single reason to be afraid of any European team." BC Partizan had a woderful three-point shooting out with an avearage of more than 50 %. Uroš Tripković said that Partizan was not under pressure and that was one of the main reasons for the success in this game."We won, we played energetically and we had no pressure in this match. We made our main goals and fulfilled our ambitions without pressure and that was crucial for our three-point shots confidence."