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Saturday, 27.02.2021 (17:00)

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Saturday, 27.02.2021 (17:00)


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01.02.2009 · 00:00

Panthers taken by the claws!

BC Partizan defeated FMP on NLB, Day 20 last fixture by the score 78:67 (25:15, 20:18, 18:17, 15:17) The Black and Whites hade a style opening of the match leading 10:3 after just 4 minutes; and the 1st guarter finish with 25:15. The second period gave us the even match by both sides but Partizan held the lead, running away by 36:18 in a moment. Panthers strike back after the half time break, clawing twice from downtown to come to 45:41, Partizan shifts a gear up and gets two counter-attack 8:0 series in a row for the new lead of 63:44. The 4th quarter did not give us any significant scoreline change and Partizan signed 18th league win to top the leaderboard. Tripković: "FMP is a hard rival and we hardly ever played an easy game against them. We were mentally well prepared for this match and we did not think about the Wednesday's match. I am very glad that we won this one."Vujošević: "FMP have their qualities and they have a very good physique under the hoop, and marvelous Labovic who is also a three point shooter and has a fantastic ability to widen the attacking plays. Čović and Protić have developed as players a lot and they had a very good game tonight, and they used our bad response, without strengthening play inside the paint, to their plays. They came in Pionir without pressure and highly motivated by the name of Partizan to play as good as they can and it is very hard to play against such rivals. We made a few mistakes in the moments when the result was getting close, but we did it in our pace. It is not easy at all to play at a high level against such rivals in environmental conditions we are facing."Partizan: Tepić 7, Milošević 2, Rašić 4, Tripković 6, Veličković 17, Lasme 12, Vitkovac 3, Božić 6, Rakočević 2, Vesely 12, Vraneš 7.FMP: Čović 9, Żivanović, Labović 13, Lazić 3, Ilić 2, Stamenković, Raduljica 8, Protić 12, Musli 2, Samardžiski 5, Jeremić 5, Milutinović 8.