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Wednesday, 03.03.2021 (20:00)


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02.10.2008 · 00:00

May Lord giveth many a summers

The fireworks lit up the sky over Partizan’s basketball courts at Mali Kalemegdan, one could hear far and wide the song sung by Partizan’s supporters named “Grobari”. Thus, it ends another effective team introduction for the season 2008/09, which was sponsored, just as title celebration was, by “Knauf”. The players appeared on stage in the ascending order of numbers which they will be wearing in the next season: Vladimir Lucic (4), Milenko Tepic (5), Bogdan Riznic (6), Marko Ðurkovic (7), Strahinja Miloševic (8), Darko Balaban (9), Aleksandar Rašic (10), Uroš Tripkovic (11), Novica Velickovic (12), Stephon Lasme (13), Vukašin Aleksic (14), Cedomir Vitkovac (15), Žarko Rakocevic (22), Jan Vesely (24) and Slavko Vraneš (33). Coach, Duško Vujoševic pointed out to the fans, which were around a thousand for this occasion: At the end of last season, the last thing I said at the celebrations was that we were, just like we are now, all together, all family. That’s how it is in Partizan, within the team, within the club, the relationship is familiarly and that is the secret to our success. Just like in families, children, when they reach a certain level, set out to see the world. That’s how it is and it was, this and the summer before, the important thing is that they leave with a substantial reference. We have presented the new players to you, with your help we shall reach success and in the words of our people “May Lord giveth many a summers”.”. Petar Božic addresed the fans on belhaf of the plazers: "Like previous years, there were slight changes but, the heart and the caracter of the team are the same. Desire and the hunger for trophies is even greater, with your help we can accomplish all of our goals."